Instructions for preparation of manuscripts in electronic form

Instructions for preparation of manuscripts in electronic form

An electronic file with the submitted manuscript should be of the following form.


\ltitle{Title of the manuscript (in CAPITAL LETTERS)}
{Author initials and name(s)}
Abstract of the manuscript
Text of the manuscript

In order to compile the above LaTeX file, the following specially developed style "vestnik.sty" should be allocated in a current directory.

% FILE vestnik.sty
%\textheight = 24.5cm
%\textwidth 18.0cm \columnsep 10pt \columnseprule 0pt
%=== Preamble: \ltitle{Title of the manuscript} {Author initials and name(s)}
\def\ltitle#1#2{ %\pagebreak
%=== Abstract
%=== Environment for theorems, lemmas, statements, corollaries, etc.: 
%     \begin{theorem}{Theorem No.} ...\end{theorem}
\newenvironment{theorem}[1]{\endgraf  {\bf #1}\em}{ \endgraf  }
\def\proof{{\bf Proof. }}
%=== References 
%=    \begin{refdf}{the number of items} the list of references\end{refdf}
{\footnotesize References}
}{ \endgraf  }
%= the title of a reference item:
% \wref{ the order number} {author(s)} title
\def\wref#1#2{\par\hangindent=\wd\boxno \noindent 
\hbox to \wd\boxno{#1.~}{\it #2}}

The classification number of UDC, the manuscript title, the author name(s) and initials should be given at the beginning of the manuscript as follows:


Formulas, theorems and other statements should be numbered explicitly; for example:

  f_N(z) = F(a_{N+1},\dots, a_{N+m},z),\quad
  u_N(z) = a_1\cdots a_N z^t f_N(z) \,. 

\begin{theorem}{Theorem 1.}
     Any polynomial of degree $n$
has no more than $n$ real roots.

Commands for automatic numbering of formulas, chapters, sections, etc. should not be used. Sectioning of a manuscript without the use of standard commands can be done as follows:

{\bf Title of the section.}
Text of the section

The list of references should be of the form:

{Koblits N.}
$p$-adic numbers, $p$-adic analysis and zeta functions.
M., 1982.
Functional analysis / Edited by S.G.~Krein.
M., 1972.
{Sedletsky A.M.}
Completeness of the system of exponents in the space of differentiable
functions // Transactions of Moscow Institute of Energy. 1977. Issue 334.
{Chow Y.S., Teicher H.}
Probability theory.
Berlin; Heidelberg, 1988.
The Pjatecki--Shapiro prime number theorem//
J. Number Theory.
1983 {\bf 16}. 242--246.
{Neretin Yu.A.}
Differentiable measures on groups of flows //
Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics.
1997. {\bf 217}. 135--181.

Figures should be represented in EPS-formats. For example, it is permitted the usage of

a) EPS-files generated by Photo Shop with the options: ASCII-format without TIF-headings;

b) vector EPS-files generated by XFIG under UNIX.

EPS-files generated by CorelDraw are not permitted.

For raster black-and-white figures (i.e., consisting of separate points), the optimal resolution is 150-200 points per inch for the image of actual size.