Правила подготовки рукописей


for preparation of manuscripts submitted for publication in Moscow University Mathematics Bulletin and Moscow University Mechanics Bulletin

The Bulletins publish original research papers on theoretical studies and their applications in the fields of mathematics and mechanics. Contributions should be complete mathematical and mechanical papers prepared at Moscow University by professors, instructors, graduate and undergraduate students, or scholars visiting the University over a long period of time (no less than six months).

Manuscripts are classified in size into the three categories:

a) 12 pages (the number of figures up to five);
b) 6 pages (the number of figures up to three);
c) 4 pages (the number of figures up to two).

The most stringent requirements are imposed on manuscripts of the first category. A procedure of their publication is specified individually. Manuscripts of the second category should contain a representation of main results without excessive details in conclusions and proofs. Manuscripts of the third category are published in "Brief Communications" on the basis of top priority.

Manuscripts should be prepared in electronic form using LaTeX 2.09 (see the instructions for manuscript preparation in electronic form). Two copies of each manuscript in hard-copy form the page size is 210x297 mm should be submitted to the Editorial Staff.

Diagrams, figures, flowcharts, and graphs should be placed on separate sheets in the format ensuring the clarity of representation for all details. Approximate placement of each illustration in the text should be indicated by a marginal note in uncolored pencil. The author's name, the illustration number, and the title of the paper should appear on the back of each illustration. Legends and tables should also be placed on separate sheets.

References in the text should be numbered in Arabic numerals and placed in brackets to distinguish them from other numbers. Bibliographic information in the reference list must be given only on the cited publications. Items in the reference list should be put in order in accordance with their mentioning in the text. The reference list should be placed on separate sheet(s) with the mandatory indication of the following information:

References to unpublished works are not permitted.

The classification number of UDC should be indicated at the left top corner of the manuscript first page. Below this number, the manuscript title (in CAPITAL LETTERS) should be placed and centered on the width of the page, followed by the author's name(s) and initials (also centered on the page).

Abbreviations of words and names are not permitted with the exception of commonly accepted ones for mathematical terms and units of physical and chemical quantities.

Theorems, lemmas, statements, and formulas (to the right) should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. Omissions and repetitions in numbering are not permitted. The use of reference numbers for formulas that are not subsequently referred to in the paper should be avoided.

Typically the abstract length might be up to seven lines. Because abstracts are extracted from papers and used separately, do not use illustrations and citation reference numbers in them. In addition, the bibliographic information on the paper (the author's name(s) and their initials, the title of the paper) should be submitted in English.

The editorial correction of the manuscript is submitted to the author(s) for proof reading. No author corrections (with the exception of corrections in misprints and reconstitution of type settings) are permitted. Two days are allowed for proof reading. The corrected and signed manuscript should be returned to the Editorial staff.

If any one of the above instructions is violated by the author(s), the publication of the paper may be delayed or the manuscript may be declined without its consideration on essence.

Manuscripts are accepted for consideration by the Editorial Staff. Correspondence on editorial matters should be addressed to

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
Moscow State University
Main Building, Room 13-25
Vorobjevy Gori
Moscow, Russian Federation 119899