Abstract E. M. Perper. Construction of a Formula from a Syntactic Graph of a Sentence

Abstract S. B. Gashkov and I. B. Gashkov. Fast Algorithm of Square Rooting in Some Finite Fields of Odd Characteristic

Abstract O. S. Malysheva. Optimal Mutual Location of Compact Sets in Spaces Endowed with Euclidean Invariant Gromov–Hausdorff Metric

Abstract D. E. Starodubtsev. Cardinality of the Set of Delta-Closed Classes of Functions of Multi-Valued Logic


Abstract V. G. Zubchaninov. The General Mathematical Theory of Plasticity and the Il'yushin Postulates of Macroscopic Definability and Isotropy

Abstract G. L. Brovko. A Generalized Theory of Stress and Strain Measures in the Classical Continuum Mechanics

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Abstract Yu. A. Kombarov. A Circuit of Depth Two with Limited Input Branching for Majority Functions

Abstract F. I. Mamedova. Simplest Singular Points of 1-forms Invariant with Respect to an Action of Group of Order Three

Abstract A. A. Astrelina. The Baire Class of Topological Entropy of Non-Autonomous Dynamical Systems

Abstract L. G. Arkhipova and V. N. Chubarikov. Convergence Exponent of a Singular Series for a Multi-Dimensional Problem