Abstract K. A. Zhukov, A. A. Kornev, and A. V. Popov. Acceleration of the Process of Entering Stationary Mode for Solutions of a Linearized System of Viscous Gas Dynamics. II

Abstract N. V. Kotlyarov. Existence of Words over Tree-Letter Alphabet not Containing Squares with Replacement Errors

Abstract E. M. Perper. Complexity of Substring Search in a Set of Strings

Abstract V. A. Moskvin. Topology of Liouville Foliations for Integrable Billiards in Non-Convex Domains

Abstract O. B. Arushanyan and S. F. Zaletkin. Justification of an Approach to Application of Orthogonal Expansions for Approximate Integration of Canonical Systems of Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations


Abstract M. V. Shamolin. A New Case of an Integrable System with Dissipation on the Tangent Bundle of a Multidimensional Sphere

Abstract V. I. Gorbachev and L. A. Kabanova. Formulation of Problems in the General Kirchhoff–Love Theory of Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Plates

Abstract A. V. Zvyagin and K. V. Sapunov. Waves on the Surface of an Ideal Incompressible Heavy Fluid under Wind Loads

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Abstract D. P. Baturov and E. A. Reznichenko. The Lindelöf Number of Functional Spaces on Monolithic Compacta

Abstract G. V. Kalachev. Generalization of Cardinality Estimates for Plane Circuits Realizing Partial Boolean Operators

Abstract D. P. Ilyutko and I. M. Nikonov. The Diagram Approach in Knot Theory and Applications to Graph Theory