Abstract E. E. Bukzhalev. A Method to Study the Cauchy Problem for a Singularly Perturbed Homogeneous Linear Differential Equation of Arbitrary Order

Abstract M. K. Potapov and B. V. Simonov. Estimates of Mixed Moduli of Smoothness in Metrics of L_q Through Mixed Moduli of Smoothness in Metrics of L_1

Abstract I. F. Kobtsev. The Geodesic Flow on a Two-Dimensional Ellipsoid in the Field of an Elastic Force. Topological Classification of Solutions

Abstract V. A. Trifonova. Partially Symmetric Height Atoms


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Abstract V. V. Aleksandrov and Kh. A. Ramirez Gutierez. A Minimax Stabilization Algorithm for the Third-Order Linear Systems

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Abstract I. E. Ivanov. Periodic Properties of Autonomous Automata with Pushdown Storage

Abstract M. V. Starostin. Implicitly Maximal Classes and Implicit Completeness Criterion in the Three-Valued Logic

Abstract A. V. Khokhlov. A Nonlinear Maxwell-Type Model for Rheonomic Materials: Stability under Symmetric Cyclic Loadings

Abstract O. E. Vasyukova. Identification of Friction Coefficients in the Hinge of a Controlled Physical Pendulum Using the Amplitudes of Steady-State Oscillations

Abstract G. L. Brovko. General Reduced Forms of Constitutive Relations in the Classical Continuum Mechanics