Abstract T. M. Vukolova. Estimates of Norms of Functions Represented as Double Series Over Cosines with Multiple-Monotone Coefficients

Abstract E. M. Shishlyannikov. Two-Dimensional Differential Systems with Arbitrary Finite Spectra of Wandering Exponent

Abstract T. N. Fomenko. Brondsted Order in a Metric Space and Generalizations of Caristi Theorem


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Abstract N. D. Baikov and A. G. Petrov. Formation of a Cumulative Jet in the Plane-Parallel Flow of a Perfect Fluid

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Abstract A. P. Kombarov. The Weak Form of Normality

Abstract A. V. Chashkin. Incomparable Integrals and Approximate Calculation of Monotone Boolean Functions

Abstract A. Z. Asekov. Explicit Solution to a Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Problem with an Arbitrary Terminal

Abstract O. B. Arushanyan and S. F. Zaletkin. Solvability of a System of Equations for the Fourier–Chebyshev Coefficients when Solving Ordinary Differential Equations by the Chebyshev Series Method

Abstract M. A. Ivashkovskii. Immersions of Graphs into Projective Plane.

Abstract N. F. Andrianov. Super High Pressure Blocking in Thick-Wall Spherical Vessels

Abstract A. M. Shmatkov. A Feature in Deriving the Gibbs Distribution from the Entropy Maximum Principle