Abstract S. I. Mitrokhin. Spectral Properties of the Family of Even Order Differential Operators with a Summable Potential

Abstract K. S. Shklyaev. Metric Projection onto Subsets of Compact Connected Two-Dimensional Riemannian Manifolds

Abstract N. Ya. Amburg, E. M. Kreines, and G. B. Shabat. Poincaré Polynomial of the Space \overline{{\mathcal M}_{0,n}}({\mathbb C}) and the Number of Points of the Space \overline{{\mathcal M}_{0,n}}({\mathbb F}_q)

Abstract I. A. Palachev. Consistency Method for Measurements of the Support Function of a Convex Body in the Metric of L_{\infty }


Abstract A. G. Pogosyan. Calculation of a Composite Cylindrical Shell of Piecewise Constant Thickness with Consideration of Transverse Shears

Abstract E. A. Vedeneeva, O. E. Melik, and I. S. Utkin. The Cooling of a Lava Flow Spreading over a Flat Surface

Abstract S. L. Tolokonnikov. Fluid Outflow from an Orifice in a Plane Wall in the Presence of a Variable-Strength Source on the Symmetry Plane of Flow

Abstract A. S. Solodovnikov and S. V. Sheshenin. Numerical Study of Strength Properties for a Composite Material with Short Reinforcing Fibers

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Abstract A. D. Yashunskii. Convex Polyhedra of Distributions Preserved by Operations over a Finite Field

Abstract S. L. Berberyan. Refinement of the Plessner Theorem and Plessner Points for Arbitrary Harmonic Functions

Abstract S. P. Mishchenko. Infinite Periodic Words and Almost Nilpotent Varieties

Abstract T. V. Salova. Proof of the Strengthened Version of Simultaneous Attainability of Central Exponents in the Class of Hamiltonian Systems

Abstract D. V. Georgievskii. Exact Solutions to a Problem in Terms of Stresses for Incompressible Elastic Conical Bodies