Abstract N. T. Nemesh. Homological Triviality of the Category of L_p-Modules

Abstract L. N. Sysoeva. Maximal Number of Boolean Functions Realized by an Initial Boolean Automaton with Two Constant States

Abstract A. T. Lukashenko. Description of a Potential Vector Field Without Sources Near Null Points of Higher Orders in 3D Space

Abstract D. V. Fufaev. Convergence of Products of Operator Orientations

Abstract S. V. Bykovskaya. Complete Systems of Monadic Predicates for Post Classes


Abstract O. A. Logvinov and E. A. Skryleva. Displacement of a Viscous Fluid from a Hele-Shaw Cell with a Sink

Abstract L. A. Egorova and V. V. Lokhin. Two-Stage Destruction of a Meteoroid with a Final Burst

Abstract V. A. Vestyak and D. V. Tarlakovskii. Unsteady Axisymmetric Deformation of an Elastic Space with a Spherical Cavity under the Action of Body Forces

Abstract A. V. Zarodnyuk and O. Yu. Cherkasov. A Qualitative Analysis of the Brachistochrone Problem with Dry Friction and Maximizing the Horizontal Range

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Abstract A. Yu. Konovalov. Arithmetical Realizability and Primitive Recursive Realizability

Abstract A. V. Bogomolov. The Uniformly Normal Spaces

Abstract V. M. Budanov. Reduction of the Mathieu Equation to a Nonlinear Equation of the First Order

Abstract Viktor Yakovlevich Shkadov (to 80th anniversary)