Abstract D. V. Zakablukov. Estimation of the Depth of Reversible Circuits Consisting of NOT, CNOT and 2-CNOT Gates

Abstract D. V. Zlydnev. Semigroup Rings and Group Rings with Large Center

Abstract V. A. Zorich. Ball, Sphere, and All, All, All

Abstract A. A. Kornev. Numerical Stabilization from the Boundary for Solutions of a Model One-Dimensional RBMK Reactor


Abstract D. V. Balandin and V. I. Nikonov. Libration Points of a Rotating Complexified Triangle

Abstract V. G. Vil'ke and A. A. Semenov. Motion of a Wheel on Snow

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Abstract S. Zh. Aibatov. System with Priority Queues and Unreliable Server

Abstract S. P. Mishchenko. Almost Nilpotent Varieties with Non-Integer Exponents Do Exist

Abstract V. A. Kibkalo. The Topology of the Analog of Kovalevskaya Integrability Case on the Lie Algebra so(4) under Zero Area Integral

Abstract O. V. Rubleva. The Estimate of the Ricci Curvature of a Weighted Tree

Abstract I. S. Sergeev. Complexity and Depth of Formulas for Symmetric Boolean Functions

Abstract M. Sh. Israilov and S. E. Nosov. Uniqueness of Weak Solutions to Dynamic Problems in the Elasticity Theory with Boundary Conditions of Winkler and Inertial Types

Abstract V. A. Kadymov, E. N. Sosenushkin, and E. A. Yanovskaya. Exact Solutions to an Evolution Equation of Plastic Layer Flow on a Plane

Abstract I. D. Breslavich and A. M. Golovin. Hydrodynamic Interaction between a Flat Surface and an Evaporating Drop in Its Own Superheated Vapor in the Case of Small Reynolds and Knudsen Numbers

Abstract To the memory of Academician Vasilii Prokhorovich Goryachkin (1868–1935)