Abstract A. I. Zhila. Chaplygin's Ball with a Rotor: Non-Degeneracy of Singular Points

Abstract V. V. Kochergin and D. V. Kochergin. Revision of Asymptotic Behavior of the Complexity of Word Assembly by Concatenation Circuits

Abstract V. V. Galatenko, T. P. Lukashenko, and V. A. Sadovnichii. The Condition of Almost Everywhere Convergence for a Functional Series with a Weak Analogue of the Orthonormality Property


Abstract M. V. Shamolin. Integrable Systems in the Dynamics on the Tangent Bundle of a Two-Dimensional Sphere

Abstract P. Ya. Livasov. Motion of a Thin Plate in an Elastic Medium

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Abstract E. A. Antonenko. A Weakly Supercritical Mode in a Branching Random Walk

Abstract K. V. Chesnokova. The Mapping Taking Three Points of a Banach Space to their Steiner Point

Abstract A. N. Vetokhin. The Topological Entropy on a Space of Homeomorphisms Does not Belong to the First Baire Class

Abstract E. I. Stepanova. Bifurcations of Steiner Minimal Trees and Minimal Fillings for Non-Convex Four-Point Boundaries and Steiner Subratio for the Euclidean Plane

Abstract O. V. Podolskaya. Complexity of Linear and Majority Functions in the Basis of Antichain Functions

Abstract I. L. Laut. Reconstruction of Norm by Geometry of Minimal Networks

Abstract A. G. Kalugin. Orientational Instability of a Lyotropic Nematic Liquid Crystal Layer

Abstract A. A. Nikulin. Accuracy Characteristics in the Problem of Orientation Using Satellite Antennas

Abstract P. A. Kruchinin. Optimal Control and Analysis of Stabilometric Tests with Step Disturbances of Human Sensory Systems

Abstract D. V. Georgievskii. Establishing Experiments in Tensor Nonlinear Theories of Continuum Mechanics

Abstract Valerian Ivanovich Gavrilov (to 80th anniversary)