Abstract A. I. Oblakova. Isometric Embeddings of Finite Metric Spaces

Abstract G. M. Sechkin. Minimal Triangulations of Two-Dimensional Manifolds

Abstract M. K. Potapov and B. V. Simonov. Interrelations Between Full Moduli of Smoothness in the Metrics of L_1 and L_\infty


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Abstract V. I. Gorbachev. Natural Frequencies of Longitudinal Oscillations for a Nonuniform Variable Cross-Section Rod

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Abstract D. A. Fedoseev and E. A. Kudryavtseva. The Bertrand's Manifolds with Equators

Abstract A. A. Konik and E. V. Chizhonkov. A Difference Scheme for Plasma Wakefield Simulation

Abstract N. V. Kotlyarov. Square-Free Words with One Possible Mismatch

Abstract A. Yu. Konovalov. Arithmetical Realizability and Basic Logic

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Abstract V. N. Chubarikov. Complete Rational Arithmetic Sums

Abstract S. D. Kovalevskaya. Shock Wave Acceleration in a Gravitational Field. A Special Case

Abstract A. A. Golovan and A. Cepe. Determination of Trajectory Parameters for a Small Satellite Using Raw Satellite Measurements

Abstract M. Sh. Israilov. A New Approach to Solve the Problems of Seismic Vibrations for Periodically Nonuniform Buried Pipelines