Abstract E. A. Astashov. \mathcal{A}_k-Singularities of Curves and Surfaces of Fixed Degree, Quasi-Degree, or Multi-Degree

Abstract M. A. Limonov. Generalized Separants of Differential Polynomials

Abstract A. Zh. Ydyrys. Asymptotics of Multiple Trigonometric Series with Monotone Coefficients

Abstract F. A. Ivlev. Estimate of the Distance Between Two Bodies Inside an n-Dimensional Unit Cube and a Ball


Abstract A. B. Kiselev and A. V. Mishchenko. Elastoplastic Models to Describe Experimental Data on the Spallation Fracture under Impact of Plates

Abstract E. I. Kugushev and V. I. Nikonov. An Estimate for the Number of Relative Equilibria in the Motion of a Plane Rigid Body and a Material Point under Mutual Attraction

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Abstract S. Yu. Lipatov. The Functions that Do not Change Types of Minimal Fillings

Abstract I. N. Shnurnikov. Realizability of Singular Levels of Morse Functions as Unions of Geodesics

Abstract T. V. Salova. The Efficiency of Perturbations in the Class of Linear Hamiltonian Systems

Abstract O. V. Rubleva. Ricci Curvature of a Weighted Tree

Abstract S. A. Maslov. Electric Mechanisms of Vorticity Amplification in the Funnel of a Tornado

Abstract A. N. Beloglazkin and V. Ya. Shkadov. Effect of Tangential and Normal Forces on the Wave Formation in the Flow of a Liquid Film and a Gas

Abstract S. S. Lemak. Formation of Positional Strategies for a Differential Game in Krasovskii's Method of Extremal Aiming

Abstract Academician Anatolii Timofeevich Fomenko

Abstract Index of papers and matherials published in the Journal "Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Ser. 1, Matematika. Mekhanika" during 2015 year