Abstract A. E. Mazur and V. I. Piterbarg. Gaussian Copula Time Series with Heavy Tails and Strong Time Dependence

Abstract A. A. Kamenov. Optimal Stopping for Absolute Maximum of Homogeneous Diffusion

Abstract K. A. Popkov. Single Tests for Contacts


Abstract G. Z. Sharafutdinov. Torsion of a Circular Cylinder at Finite Strain

Abstract A. A. Markeeva and M. A. Levin. Limit Equations of Motion for Mechanical Systems with Vibrating Elements

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Abstract M. B. Banaru. The Axiom of Cosymplectic Surfaces and W_4-manifolds

Abstract G. N. Chmutin. The Uniform Consistency of Sign Estimate for the Parameter of an AR(1)-model for Observations with Outliers

Abstract E. O. Kantonistova. Liouville Classification of Integrable Hamiltonian Systems on Surfaces of Revolution

Abstract R. A. Savchenko. The Hierarchical Hub Labeling is Non-Efficient

Abstract Yu. A. Kombarov. Upper Estimate of Realization Complexity of Linear Functions in a Basis Consisting of Multi-Input Elements

Abstract V. N. Chubarikov. A Certain Mean Value Theorem in the Number Theory

Abstract M. V. Zaicev. Graded Identities in Finite-Dimensional Algebras of Codimensions of Identities in Associative Algebras

Abstract O. B. Arushanyan, N. I. Volchenskova, and S. F. Zaletkin. Application of Chebyshev Series to Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations with Rapidly Growing Solutions

Abstract V. P. Karlikov and S. L. Tolokonnikov. Self-Oscillation Periods of Conical Jet Aerators with Various Apex Angles

Abstract V. L. Kovalev, V. V. Kos'yanchuk, and  A. N. Yakunchikov. Separation of Gas Mixtures in Free Molecular Flow through a Vibrating Membrane

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