Abstract A. L. Vorob'ev. Condition of degeneration of optimal instant in the problem of optimal stopping for a new functional on symmetric random walking and its maximum

Abstract E. A. Kudryavtseva. Multiplicators of periodic Hill solutions in the theory of Moon motion and the method of averaging

Abstract G. D. Solomadin. Poincaré series of filtration associated with the Newton diagram and topological type of singularity

Abstract T. F. Ismagilov. Embedding theorem of various metrics for the generalized Nikolskii class


Abstract V. G. Vil'ke, I. L. Shapovalov. Self-oscillations during car braking

Abstract D. V. Georgievskii. Integral analysis of three-dimensional map of perturbations of the Poiseuille flow in a tube

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Abstract M. P. Efimova. Sufficient condition of additivity of a generalized Q-integral and an integrability point

Abstract Yu. V. Borodina. Lower estimate of the length of complete checking test in the basis

Abstract E. S. Krupitsyn. Estimates of polynomials on some p-adic numbers

Abstract M. Sh. Shikhsadilov. On some class of oscillating integrals

Abstract I. O. Arushanyan. Numerical solution of boundary integral equations of two-dimensional elasticity theory on curvilinear polygons

Abstract S. V. Sheshenin, P. V. Chistyakov, V. V. Galatenko, D. I. Kalugin, O. N. Shornikova, A. P. Malakho. Experimental and theoretical determination of Young's module for a composite constructed on the base of phenolic resins armed by short fibers

Abstract V. E. Borisov. Simulation of the flow around an ONERA M6 wing with the use of parallel realization of incomplete scheme

Abstract A. A. Golovan, I. V. Nikitin. Problems of integration of BINS and an odometer from the point of view of mechanics of corrected inertial navigation systems. Part 2