Abstract A. A. Sokko. A problem on disorder for a Brownian motion on a segment in the case of a uniform distribution of disorder moment

Abstract M. V. Shamolin. New case of complete integrability of dynamics equations on a tangent bundle to a 3D sphere

Abstract P. A. Kashitsyn. Verification of conical hypotheses in the many-dimensional Gaussian analysis

Abstract O. A. Zagryadskii, D. A. Fedoseev. Global and local realization of Bertrand Riemann manifolds in the form of revolution surfaces

Abstract M. I. Kharitonov. Estimation of the number of permutationally-ordered sets

Abstract B. B. Bednov. n-Antiproximinal sets

Abstract I. V. Tsylin. Continuity of the Laplace operator eigenvalues with respect to domain


Abstract I. A. Kiiko. A form of an anisotropic plastic layer compressed by parallel planes with anisotropic friction

Abstract N. E. Leont'ev, D. A. Tatarenkova. Exact solutions to nonlinear equations describing a flow of suspension in a porous medium

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Abstract S. A. Muzychka. A class of nonlinear processes admitting complete study

Abstract Yu. R. Pestova. Colength of a manifold generated by a three-dimensional simple Lie algebra

Abstract A. V. Pashchenko. Stationary motions of a biconvex disk on a plane with friction

Abstract A. V. Zarodnyuk, O. Yu. Cherkasov. Brachistochrone problem with linear viscous friction

Abstract A. S. Solodovnikov. Comparison of calculation methods for plates on a multilayer base