Abstract N. N. Martynchuk. Complex Hamiltonian systems with the Loran Hamiltonian of small degree

Abstract V. A. Shmarov. Minimal linear Morse functions on orbits in Lie algebras

Abstract V. R. Fatalov. Weighted-norms for the Wiener process: exact asymptotics of small deviations

Abstract M. A. Tuzhilin. Bi-Hamiltonian structure and peculiarities of mapping of the Lagrange top moment

Abstract D. K. Podol'ko. A set of classes of functions closed with respect to the reinforced superposition operation


Abstract A. V. Vasil'ev. Flatter of a conical shell under external supersonic gas flow

Abstract M. O. Itskovich, A. S. Kuleshov. Movement of a body consisting of two symmetric plates over a horizontal plane

Abstract S. V. Sheshenin, N. B. Artamonova, A. Zh. Mukatova. Application of the homogenization method to determination of the coefficient of pore pressure transfer

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Abstract A. O. Radomskii. A QC-norm of special type trigonometric polynomials

Abstract D. S. Burlakov. The spectrum of random walks of a nonorthogonal composition of two rotations

Abstract S. P. Mishchenko, O. V. Shulezhko. Almost nilpotent manifolds of an arbitrary integer exponential

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Abstract M. Sh. Shikhsadilov. Estimation of some arithmetic sum with multiplicative coefficients

Abstract I. O. Faskheev. One-dimensional flow through a plane porous layer under finite deformations

Abstract S. L. Tolokonnikov. A new cavity closure scheme in the problem of wall effect on the cavity flow around a plate in a channel

Abstract A. A. Golovan, I. V. Nikitin. Combined use of strapdown inertial navigation systems and odometers from the standpoint of mechanics of inertial navigation systems. Part 1