Abstract V. N. Sorokin. Mutual orthogonality polynomials associated with Poisson distribution

Abstract M. K. Potapov, B. V. Simonov. Connection between moduli of smoothness in the metrics L_p and C

Abstract E. I. Stepanova. Differentiation in directions of the minimal filling weight on a Riemannian manifold

Abstract I. V. Gorokhova. Lacunary Tauberian conditions for some class of Voronoi methods

Abstract D. A. Grafov. Equiconvergence of expansion in a triple trigonometric series and Fourier integral of continuous functions with a certain modulus of continuity


Abstract V. G. Vil'ke, I. L. Shapovalov. Self-oscillations in the system string-bow

Abstract A. N. Emel'yanov. Effective material functions of layer composites in the linear moment elasticity theory

Abstract A. A. Zhulidova. Simulation of power interaction in movement of a spherical segment on a spherical surface with friction

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Abstract M. V. Budrevich. Sufficient condition for matrix convertibility over a finite field

Abstract E. V. Morozov. Complete tests for displacing faults of circuit entries

Abstract V. G. Chirskii. Arithmetic properties of the Euler series

Abstract D. A. Fedoseev. Bifurcation diagrams of natural Hamiltonian systems on Bertrand manifolds

Abstract A. V. Makarov. Description of all minimal classes in a partly ordered set {\mathfrak{\cal L}}^{3}_{2} of all closed classes of the trinary logic which can be homomorphically mapped on a binary logic

Abstract O. A. Zagryadskii. Bertrand surfaces with pseudo-Riemannian rotation metrics

Abstract M. Sh. Israilov. An analog of atoms linear chain in seismodynamics of underground pipeline