Abstract O. A. Shpyrko. Derivative p-length of finite p-solvable groups

Abstract T. M. Vukolova. Estimates of mixed norms of functions representable by series over sine and cosine products with multiple-monotone coefficients

Abstract E. N. Trusevich. Complexity of calculation of some monomials by circuits of composition

Abstract V. K. Leont'ev, G. L. Movsisyan, A. A. Osipyan. Classification of Bn subsets and additive channels

Abstract E. P. Dolzhenko, S. V. Kolesnikov. Boundary behavior of derivatives of conformal mappings of simply-connected domain

Abstract T. P. Lukashenko. Bases of trigonometric polynomials formed by shifted Dirichlet kernels


Abstract S. V. Sheshenin, S. G. Bakhmet'ev. An effective ply model for a rubber-cord material

Abstract I. I. Stepanenko. Exact solution of the problem on bending of hinge supported rectangular orthotropic plate under piezoelectric action

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Abstract B. Ayanbaev. An example of a "bad" function with "good" Fourier coefficients

Abstract E. A. Zaval'nyuk. Local structure of minimal networks in the A.D. Aleksandrov spaces

Abstract E. G. Puninskii. Natural operators on tensor fields

Abstract G. S. Ganchenko, E. A. Demekhin, V. S. Shelistov. Self-similar solution to the problem on electro-kinetic instability in semipermeable membranes

Abstract A. M. Lokoshchenko, D. A. Kulagin. Influence of locking effect of diffusion process on long-time strength

Abstract To memory of Leonid Evgen'evich Evtushik (25.05.1931-16.02.2013)