Abstract S. M. Lytkin. Expansion of pyramidal functions with square bottom over a shift system

Abstract A. M. Zhantakbaeva, E. D. Nursultanov. Paley inequality for the Bellman transform of multiple Fourier series

Abstract S. A. Lozhkin, V. A. Konovodov. Complexity of realization of Boolean functions from some classes connected with finite grammars by formulas of alternation depth 3

Abstract V. M. Fedorov. Characteristic of the space of orbital complex-valued functions on a compact set


Abstract E. Yu. Baranova, V. G. Vil'ke. Rotation of elastic sphere about its center of mass in the gravitational field with two attractive centers

Abstract O. N. Bogdanov, A. V. Fomichev. Data imitation of perfect angle velocity sensors BINS on the basis of telemetric data on object motion

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Abstract A. L. Vorob'ev. Degeneracy condition of the optimal moment in the problem of optimal stopping for the functional on skew-down random walk and its maximum

Abstract T. I. Krasnova. Asymptotic behavior of conjunction complexity of self-correcting circuits for monotone symmetric functions with threshold 2

Abstract A. Jumbruno, M. V. Zaitsev. Asymptotic growth of sequences of co-dimensions of associated algebras identities

Abstract V. N. Karpushkin. Four theorems on uniform estimates for oscillating integrals

Abstract M. B. Banaru. Almost contact metric hypersurfaces with type number 1 or 0 in nearly Kahlerian manifolds

Abstract S. S. Gilev, S. V. Sheshenin. Comparison of formulas for effective elasticity modulus of a fiber composite layer in transverse direction

Abstract V. P. Karlikov, S. L. Tolokonnikov. Dependence of self-oscillation period of conical jet aerator dome on the jet width of outlet section of annular nozzle

Abstract A. V. Vlakhova. Simulation of rolling of wheeled vehicle using the Dirac approach