Abstract E. A. Gusarov. The all-category scheme for topologically free normed modules

Abstract S. B. Gashkov, E. T. Shavgulidze. Representation of products as sums of linear form powers

Abstract A. V. Dergachev. Generalized derivatives and integrals of the Cezaro-Perron type. I

Abstract D. V. Zlydnev. Rings of particular rings with a big center


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Abstract V. I. Nikonov. Relative equilibria in the problem of triangle and point movement under mutual attraction forces

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Abstract A. M. Sedletskii. Complete and incomplete exponential systems in the power weighted spaces on a half-line

Abstract A. N. Vasil'ev. Estimates of complete rational trigonometric sums with a prime denominator

Abstract T. F. Ismagilov. Embedding theorems of various metrics for classes of functions with dominating mixed smoothness module

Abstract A. S. Samokhin. Optimization of the Fobos expedition under control of pulse actions with the use of solutions to the Lambert problem and accounting the Earth and Mars attraction

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Abstract V. L. Kovalev, A. S. Vetchinkin, A. V. Vagner. Simulation of ignition of aviation kerosene by a shock wave