Abstract I. V. Rodionov. Properties of the Hill extremal index estimate for samples with pollutions

Abstract M. K. Potapov, B. V. Simonov. Properties of mixed smoothness modules of functions with lacunary Fourier coefficients

Abstract A. S. Pakhomova. Estimates for the Steiner subrelation and Steiner-Gromov relations

Abstract M. E. Zelenova. Solution of polynomial equations in the field of algebraic numbers


Abstract M. U. Nikabadze. Construction of eigentensor-columns in micro-polar linear elasticity theory

Abstract V. V. Aleksandrov, G. Yu. Sidorenko, I. O. Zueva. Robust stability of controlled third order systems

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Abstract M. V. Boldin, D. M. Esaulov. Residual empirical processes and qualitatively robust GM-tests in autoregression

Abstract G. A. Pogudin. Primary differential nil-algebras exist

Abstract A. V. Tkachenko. Multichannel service systems in a random medium

Abstract S. A. Stepanyants, I. V. Khakhinov. Interrelations of Voronoy methods

Abstract A. V. Il'inskaya. Stability of relative equilibrium of a mechanical system with deformable elements on a circular orbit

Abstract I. A. Vasineva, A. O. Kal'chenko. Analysis of calibration precision of a nongimbal inertial navigation system during flight with respect to some types of aircraft evolution

Abstract D. I. Bugrov, A. V. Lebedev, V. A. Chertopolokhov. Estimate of angular speed of body rotation with the help of tracking system