Abstract T. M. Vukolova. Estimates of mixed norms of functions represented by double series over sines with multiple-monotone coefficients

Abstract V. A. Skvortsov, F. Tulone. Generalized Hake property for integrals of Henstock type

Abstract A. A. Flerov. Sets having not more than two-valued metric projection onto a plane

Abstract M. V. Prikhod'ko. Δ-graphs of polyhedra in the Bruns-Gubeladze K-theory

Abstract A. A. Andreev. Lower complexity estimates for some sequences of many-valued logic functions


Abstract I. E. Glagolev. Various representations for equilibrium forms of a filament on two-dimensional surfaces

Abstract V. I. Gorbachev. Effective constitutive relations for inelastic composites

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Abstract O. B. Arushanyan, N.  Volchenskova, S.  nd Zaletkin. On an approximate method of integration of ordinary differential equations

Abstract I. N. Tumaikin. Basic Reed-Muller codes and their connection with powers of the radical of group algebra over a non-prime field

Abstract A. V. Klimakov. Homogeneous almost primitive elements of free non-associated (anti)commutative algebras

Abstract D. K. Podol'ko. Classes of functions closed with respect to special superposition operation

Abstract V. G. Chirskii, V. Yu. Matveev. Representations of positive integers

Abstract V. M. Budanov. On certain isochronous nonlinear system

Abstract D. V. Georgievskii. Angle between deviators of stress and strain rates in a tensor-nonlinear isotropic medium

Abstract V. V. Tikhomirov. Digital filter with limited memory for estimation of laser gyroscope drift

Abstract Index of papers and matherials published in the Journal "Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Ser. 1, Matematika. Mekhanika" during 2013 year