Abstract T. F. Ismagilov. Embedding theorems for the classes of functions with dominating mixed smoothness modulus

Abstract V. M. Fedorov. Representation of topology with respect to the uniform and order convergence by an inductive limit

Abstract V. V. Galkin. Simple iteractive algorithm for computation of Groebner bases based on signatures

Abstract A. A. Polyanskii. Quadratic irrationality exponents of some numbers

Abstract S. S. Nikolaenko. Number of connected components in the preimage of regular value of the momentum map for the geodesic flow of ellipsoid

Abstract E. I. Prokhorov. Estimation of forecast quality of the two-phase scheme for solving the problem "structure-property"

Abstract I. S. Timergaliev. Distribution of values of the Kloostermann sum analogs

Abstract P. B. Tarasov. Some sufficient conditions for uniformness of systems of multi-valued logic functions

Abstract O. A. Zagryadskii, D. A. Fedoseev. Explicit form of the Bertrand second type metric


Abstract V. V. Aleksandrov, N. A. Parusnikov. Development of the navigation theory and A. Yu. Ishlinskii

Abstract V. A. Sadovnichii, V. V. Aleksandrov, T. B. Aleksandrova, A. A. Konik, V. B. Pakhomov, G. Yu. Sidorenko, E. Soto, K. V. Tikhonova, N. E. Shulenina. Mathematical simulation of correction of an output signal from gravy-inertial mechanoreceptor of a vestibular system

Abstract Yu. V. Bolotin, A. A. Golovan. Methods of inertial gravimetry

Abstract A. V. Vlakhova. Nonholonomic movements of gyroscope and wheeled systems

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