Abstract V. V. Fedorchuk. Estimates for the dimension (m,n)-dim

Abstract A. N. Bakhvalov. Weakened continuity in Λ-variation and localization of double Cesaro means

Abstract N. N. Martynchuk. Factorization theorem for the dimension (m,n)-dim


Abstract A. V. Zvyagin, D. V. Kuratova. Contact problem for elastic half-space in the case of transonic load motion

Abstract V. Ya. Shkadov. Two-parametric model of wave flow regimes of viscous liquid films

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Abstract S. S. Kolyada. Single checking tests for circuits of functional elements

Abstract G. V. Fedorov. Number of divisors of a central binomial coefficient

Abstract S. I. Mitrokhin. Spectral properties of the Sturm-Liouville operator with delay

Abstract A. A. Lykov. Mean time of reaching the far point for countable Markov chains

Abstract S. A. Muzychka. Mean time until break of a chain with N = 2, 3, 4 oscillators

Abstract L. N. Sysoeva. Some properties of generalized α-formulas

Abstract N. A. Veklich, A. M. Lokoshchenko. Distribution of random directions of shear lines under inelastic deformation

Abstract V. S. Vyaz'min. Improvement of the global model of Earth's gravitational field by means of aero-gravimetry data

Abstract M. V. Kozlov, S. V. Sheshenin. Comparative analysis of integration methods for nonlinear elasticity theory equations

Abstract P. A. Elkin. Bifurcation Poincare-Chetaev diagrams for the problem on motion of inhomogeneous dynamically symmetric ellipsoid over a smooth plane

Abstract V.V.Fedorchuk (01.11.1942 - 09.12.2012)