Abstract A. V. Dergachev. Some properties of high order Cesaro derivatives

Abstract R. V. Khasanov. Utility maximization problem in the case of unbounded random investment

Abstract E. A. Kudryavtseva, A. T. Fomenko. Any finite group is the group of symmetries of some map (atom-bifurcation)

Abstract M. A. Royzner. Elementary equivalence of automorphism groups of reduced Abelian p-groups


Abstract I. A. Kiiko. Flow of plastically anisotropic layer between parallel planes in a domain with sink

Abstract V. V. Aleksandrov, O. V. Aleksandrova, M. A. Budninskii, G. Yu. Sidorenko. Extremals of kinematic motion control

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Abstract A. L. Kanunnikov. Graded versions of the Goldie theorem, II

Abstract S. P. Mishchenko. Example of a variety of linear algebras with polynomial growth not exceeding three

Abstract O. M. Kasim-Zade. Growth orders of circuit complexity Shannon functions over infinite bases

Abstract D. Yu. Panin. Completeness criteria for some classes of one-place monotone functions in Pk

Abstract A. P. Oliinyk, L. E. Shtaer. Simulation of viscous flow with boundary outflow and pressure drop

Abstract A. V. Lebedev, S. S. Lemak. Testing problem of control quality by complex dynamic systems

Abstract A. A. Afanas'ev, O. E. Mel'nik. Mathematical modeling of multiphase filtration under near-critical conditions