Abstract N. V. Volchanetskii, I. M. Nikonov. Maximally symmetric height atoms

Abstract A. N. Gromov. Optimal strategy of reinsurance and investment

Abstract A. V. Tkachenko. One channel system with an unreliable server and different service time intervals

Abstract O. V. Podol'skaya. Lower estimates of circuits complexity in the basis of antichain functions


Abstract G. Z. Sharafutdinov, P. V. Chistyakov. A form of the elastic potential for high-elastic material

Abstract P. A. Vaganov, A. R. Lepeshkin. Simulation of stress-deformed state and evaluation of bearing ability of blades under tests of housings for impermeability}

Abstract S. V. Gerasimov, E. I. Mogilevskii, V. P. Shkadova. Effect of evaporation and diffusion of a surface-active material on instability of flow down liquid film

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Abstract M. E. Lipatov. To classification of linear cocycles over ergodic automorphisms

Abstract V. P. Demichev. Functional limit theorem for solutions of Burgers' equation with random initial data

Abstract K. V. Golubev. Trivalent children's drawings and Cayley graphs

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Abstract D. I. Tonkonog. Simple proof of the "Geometric fractional monodromy theorem"

Abstract S. L. Berberyan. Boundedness of normal harmonic functions

Abstract P. B. Tarasov. Uniformity of some systems of multivalued logic functions

Abstract K. A. Skoptsov, S. V. Sheshenin. An asymptotic method of deduction of the equations of the plate Reissner-Mindlin theory

Abstract A. V. Vlakhova. Simulation of railway vehicle motion while its wheel flange is rolling on the railhead with the Dirac approach