Abstract G. S. Kambarbaeva, O. S. Rozanova. Efficient portfolio depending on the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross interest rate

Abstract M. I. Kharitonov. Estimates of a structure of piece-wise periodicity in Shirshov's height theorem

Abstract N. Yu. Odnobokov. Asymptotic behavior of stationary measure under scale changing in exchange stochastic processes

Abstract N. N. Fedotov. Convergence of an orthogonal greedy algorithm with errors in projectors

Abstract D. A. Permyakov. Abelian subgroups of the homeomorphism group generated by Dehn twists

Abstract A. A. Kuznetsova. Inverse coding theorem for infinite-dimensional quantum channels


Abstract A. A. Buchachenko, V. L. Kovalev, A. A. Krupnov. Modeling of catalytic activity on the Al2O3 surface on the basis of the first-principles

Abstract E. Yu. Baranova, V. G. Vil'ke. Evolution of motion of a solid with a fixed point and a viscous fluid filling

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Abstract A. A. Rodin. Some properties of P-sets of partly-deterministic functions

Abstract O. V. Markova. Description of algebras of length 1

Abstract A. V. Kochergin. Depth of functions of the k-valued logics in finite bases

Abstract A. M. Izosimov. Stability of stationary rotations of a multi-dimensional rigid body

Abstract I. A. Kiiko, V. V. Pokazeev. Flutter of visco-elastic strip

Abstract M. V. Dzhalalova, S. V. Leonov. Study of the effect of constructive permeability on stability of a parachute with four strips

Abstract A. G. Kalugin. Role of divergent terms in the Frank energy of nematic liquid crystals