Abstract A. O. Ivanov, Z. N. Ovsyannikov, N. P. Strelkova, A. A. Tuzhilin. One-dimensional minimal fillings with edges of negative weight

Abstract S. M. Ratseev. Equivalent conditions for polynomial growth of the Poisson algebra manifolds

Abstract S. A. Bogatyi. To the hypothesys of general planes position

Abstract A. V. Klimakov. Almost primitive elements of free non-associated (anti)commutative algebras of small ranks

Abstract O. B. Arushanyan, N. I. Volchenskova, S. F. Zaletkin. Calculating the coefficients of an expansion of the solution to the Cauchy problem for ordinary differential equations in the form of a series in Chebyshev polynomials

Abstract V. V. Fokicheva. Description of peculiarities of the system "billiard within an ellipse"


Abstract T. F. Barbashova, L. S. Otradnova. Movement of a ball colliding rough surface

Abstract V. V. Pokazeev, S. I. Kiiko. Similarity parameters and simulation of plate vibration processes in supersonic gas flow

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Abstract M. A. Efimov. Monotone mappings of matrices and Skolem-Noeter theorem

Abstract A. V. Popov. Variety of Jordan algebras var(UT2(F)(+)) has almost polynomial growth

Abstract V. G. Chirskii. Arithmetic properties of certain polyadic series

Abstract L. V. Muravleva, E. A. Muravleva. Non-stationary viscosimetric circular flows of viscoplastic medium in an annular gap

Abstract S. V. Sheshenin, M. I. Savenkova. Homogenization of nonlinear problems in the mechanics of composites

Abstract A. A. Shevchuk. Collapse of a single bubble in the Shvedov--Bingham fluid under external pulsating pressure

Abstract B. E. Pobedrya. On adequacy of the nonlinear theory of viscoelasticity

Abstract Vladimir Vasil'evich Aleksandrov (to 70th anniversary)