Abstract V. A. Shmarov. Morse linear functionals on the orbits of attached action of semisimple Lie algebras

Abstract I. V. Rudenko. Two-phases service system with unreliable devices

Abstract E. A. Kudryavtseva. Special equipped Morse functions on surfaces

Abstract D. V. Trushchin. Complexity of realization of functions from a class of three-valued logic by special form formulas

Abstract Ya. A. Lyul'ko. Exact inequalities for a maximum of slanted Brownian motion


Abstract A. G. Yakushev. Possibility of visual (with the help of look) control

Abstract V. G. Vil'ke, A. N. Danilkin. Formation of a planet temperature field by tides

Abstract M. V. Shamolin. Complete list of first integrals for dynamical equations of a rigid body motion in resistant medium under the use of linear damp

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Abstract Yu. P. Razmyslov, G. A. Pogudin. Max-factor paradigm and finite-dimensional representations of Lie algebras

Abstract I. V. Khakhinov. Tauber conditions of correlation of the Cesaro methods and the discrete Riesz means

Abstract I. S. Tyurin. Closeness estimate for probability distribution and its zero bias transform

Abstract D. A. Dagaev. Behavior of Shannon functions for some varieties of classes of three-valued logic functions

Abstract M. A. Dobrynina. Normal functors in the categories of paracompact p-spaces and their perfect maps

Abstract N. B. Vavilova, I. Yu. Sazonov. Calibration of a non-cardan inertial navigation system assembled on rough benches with one degree of freedom

Abstract V. S. Yushutin. Stability of deformed channels when flowing in nonlinear-viscous mediums with the degree law of hardening

Abstract L. S. Otradnova. Maximality of Hamilton action for systems with unilateral links

Abstract Vladimir Vasil'evich Alexandrov (to 70th anniversary)