Inversion complexity of self-correcting surcuits for a certain sequence of Boolean functions / T. I. Krasnova. // Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Seriya 1. Matematika. Mekhanika. 2012. № 3. P. 58-61 [Moscow Univ. Math. Bulletin. Vol. 72, N 2, 2017. P. 0].

It is stated that the inversion complexity Lk-n2) of monotone symmetric Boolean functions ƒn2(x1,...,xn)=∨(1≤i<jn)xixj by k-self-correcting schemes in the basis B={&,-} for growing $n$ asymptotically equals ;n min{k+1, p} when the price of a reliable inventor p ≥ 1 and k are fixed.

Key words: circuits of functional elements, monotone symmetric Boolean functions, inversion complexity, self-correcting circuit.

№ 3/2012