Abstract E. A. Grechnikov. Two-sided estimates for number of fixed points of a discrete logarithm

Abstract A. V. Lebedev. Maximal branching processes with few types of particles

Abstract A. N. Yakivchik. Splitted weight and index of divisibility in topological products

Abstract T. V. Kuznetsova. Limit theorems for maxima of certain dependent random sums


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Abstract V. G. Chikarenko. Comparison of efficiency of rectangular and triangular underwater sails

Abstract A. B. Akhmedov, S. V. nd Sheshenin. Construction of nonlinear equations of motion for orthotropic plates

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Abstract M. V. Boldin. Robustness of sign tests in autoregression

Abstract E. A. Avksent'ev. Metric properties of Poncelet polygonal curves

Abstract I. V. Beloshapka. Uniform approximation by polynomials on compact sets of a special form

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Abstract T. I. Krasnova. Inversion complexity of self-correcting surcuits for a certain sequence of Boolean functions

Abstract E. M. Epifanov. Belyi pair corresponding to the self-dual single-faced genus 3 dessin d'enfant

Abstract L. V. Muravleva. Flows of a Bingham-Il'yushin viscoplastic medium in a symmetric channel

Abstract A. V. Zvyagin, A. G. nd Gevorkyan. Hydraulic fracture of two closely spaced beams

Abstract A. ,. Kalugin. Surface waves in nematic liquid crystals