Abstract Chalkina N.A. Inertial Manifold for a Hyperbolic Equation with Dissipation

Abstract Raskin M.A. Lower Estimate of the Regulator of the Direct Product of almost Periodic and Periodic Sequences

Abstract Fedoseev D.A. The Quandles with Two Operations

Abstract Sheipak I.A. Spectrum of a Jacobi Matrix with Exponentially Growing Matrix Elements

Abstract Sergeev I.N. Oscillation and Wandering of Solutions to a Second Order Differential Equation

Abstract Bednov B.B. Steiner Points in the Space of Continuous Functions


Abstract Shatina L.S. Evolution of Motion of a Double Planet in the Gravitational Field of a Massive Viscoelastic Body

Abstract Kiiko I.A., Muravlev A.V., Sakharov A.N., Chystyakov P.V., Novotnyi S.V., Zhukov A.I. Strain-Gauge Study of the Strain State for the Structural Elements of the Moscow University Main Building's Spire

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Abstract Kombarov Yu.A. The Minimal Circuits for Linear Boolean Functions

Abstract Mishchenko S.S. New Example of a Variety of Lie Algebras with Fractional Exponent

Abstract Kolyada S.S. Unit Checking Output Tests under Constant Faults for Functional Elements

Abstract Snurnitsyn P.V. Representation of Integer Numbers by Values of the Ramanujan Function

Abstract Andreev A.A. A Sequence of Functions of the Multi-Valued Logic

Abstract Sentemova O.S. Multicomponent Models of Friction

Abstract Nikabadze M.U. Relation between the Stress and Couple-Stress Tensors in the Microcontinuum Theory of Elasticity

Abstract Kvachev K.V. The Lyapunov-Movchan Method in the Vibration Stability Problem for a Plate

Abstract Georgievskii D.V. Compression and Outflow of an Asymptotically Thin Perfectly Rigid-Plastic Spherical Layer

Abstract Boris Sergeevich Kashin (to 60th anniversary)

Abstract Index of papers and matherials published in the Journal "Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Ser. 1, Matematika. Mekhanika" during 2011 year