Abstract Borodich R.V.and Shpyrko O.A. Intersection of Functorial Subgroups in Finite Groups

Abstract Edynak V.V. Order Separability of Free Products with Amalgamated Subgroup

Abstract Kambarbaeva G.S. Composition of an Efficient Portfolio in the Bielecki and Pliska Market Model

Abstract Korotkevich A.A. Complete Commutative Sets of Polynomials for Solvable Lie Algebras of Dimension Six and Nilpotent Lie Algebras of Dimension Seven


Abstract Zvyagin A.V., Kolpakov V.P. Flow of a Viscous Fluid down a Slope

Abstract Stepanenko I.I. A Modification of the Least-Squares Method in the Identification Problem for Elastic Laminated Composites

Abstract Bugrov D.I. Bulgakov Problem of the Accumulation of Perturbations

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Abstract Shapovalov N.N. Some Generalizations of Universal Enveloping Algebras and Bilinear Forms on them

Abstract Ivanov D.N. Hadamard Algebras Possessing the Unique Noncommutative Simple Component

Abstract Sergeev I.S. Minimal Parallel Prefix Circuits

Abstract Khakhinov I.V. Interconnection of Cesaro Methods and Discrete Riesz Means

Abstract Razmyslov Yu.P. Rolling Simplexes and their Commensurability. (Axiom and Criterion of Incompressibility, Momentum Lemma)

Abstract Shitov Ya.N. Example of the Matrix of Size 6×6 with Different Tropical Rank and Kapranov Rank

Abstract Vasil'ev A.V. Flutter of a Cylindrical Shell Subjected to an Internal Supersonic Gas Flow

Abstract Sheshenin S.V., Kakushev E.R., Artamonova N.B. Simulation of Unsteady Fluid Filtration Caused by the Exploitation of Underground Resources

Abstract Kantor M.M. A Problem for a Micropolar Rectangular Region in the Fifth Approximation