Abstract Kobelkov S.G. Limit Theorem for the Moment of Ruin for Integrated Gaussian Stationary Process with Power Function as Profit

Abstract Kozko A.I., Pechentsov A.S. Regularized Traces of Singular Differential Operators with Canonical Boundary Conditions

Abstract Gromov A.N. Reinsurance Optimal Strategy of a Loss Excess

Abstract Sinelnikov S.S. The Optimal Stopping Problem Concerned with Ultimate Maximum of a Levy Process


Abstract Levin V.A., Manuilovich I.S., Markov V.V. Stabilization of Detonation Waves in a Supersonic Flow

Abstract Zvyagin A.V., Romashov G.A. Wedging of an Elastic Medium with the Formation of Separation Zones

Abstract Vil'ke V.G., Shapovalov I.L. Self-Oscillations of Two Bodies in the Case of Nonlinear Friction

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Abstract Izmailov M.M. The Lattice of Extensions of the Modal Logic of Two Equivalence Relations Has the Cardinality of the Continuum

Abstract Romanov I.V. Exact Control of Vibrations of a Rectangular Plate by Boundary Forces

Abstract Pavicevic Z. Normality and Curvilinear Limits of Meromorphic Functions and their Applications

Abstract Kuznetsov S.D. Lambek Calculus with a Unit and One Division

Abstract Bedzhanova S.R. Easily Tested Circuits for Linear Functions

Abstract Izosimov A.M. Smooth Invariants of Focus-Focus Singularities

Abstract Novikov D.V. The Topology of Isoenergy Surfaces for the Sokolov Integrable case on the Lie Algebra so(3,1)

Abstract Nikabadze M.U. Formulas for the General Complex Representation in the Plane Micropolar Theory of Elasticity

Abstract M.V. Keldysh - scientist, teacher, and science manager (to 100th anniversary)