Abstract Barsegyan D.S. Possibility to Strengthen the Lieb-Thirring Inequality for Systems of Functions of Special Type

Abstract Sorokin A.A. The Length of Joins in Lambek Calculus

Abstract Ulanskii E.A. Multiple Zeta Values

Abstract Latyshev V.N. The Free Product of Algebras with Standard Base for Ideals


Abstract Shamolin M.V. A Multiparameter Family of Phase Portraits in the Dynamics of a Rigid Body Interacting with a Medium

Abstract Garyaeva T.I., Georgievskii D.V. Elasticity Theory Problem in Terms of Displacements for a Cylindrical Layer with Strongly Different Characteristic Sizes

Abstract Bolotin Yu.V., Doroshin D.R. Adaptive Filtering of Airborne Gravimetry Data Using Hidden Markov Models

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Abstract Edynak V.V. Generalization of the Order Separability

Abstract Kukhta V.A. Some Summation Formula

Abstract Kanunnikov A.L. Graded Versions of Goldie's Theorem

Abstract Sukharev I.Yu. The Generalized Oppenheim Expansions for the Direct Product of Non-Archimedean Fields

Abstract Goryashin D.V. Ingham Divisor Problem with Square-Free Numbers

Abstract Rakhmonov F.Z. Estimate of Quadratic Trigonometric Sums with Prime Numbers

Abstract Dagaev D.A. Complexity of Functions from Some Classes of Three-Valued Logic

Abstract Frolova Yu.Yu. The Nilpotency of Leibniz Algebras with Engel Condition

Abstract Kantor M.M. A First Approximation of a Mixed Boundary Value Problem for a Strip using Legendre Polynomials