Abstract Romanov I.V. Control over Plate Vibrations by Boundary Forces

Abstract Oshemkov A.A. Saddle Singularities of Complexity 1 of Integrable Hamiltonian Systems

Abstract Boyarinov R.N. Rate of Convergence to Limit Distribution

Abstract Dobrynina M.A. Maximal Linked Systems

Abstract Borodin P.A. The Mirror Property of Metric 2-Projection

Abstract Mishchenko S.P., Verevkin A.B. and Zaitsev M.A. A Sufficient Condition for Coincidence of Lower and Upper Exponents of the Variety of Linear Algebras


Abstract Logvinov O.A. Stability of the Lateral Surface of Viscous Fingers Formed when a Fluid is Displaced from a Hele-Shaw Cell

Abstract Suvorov A.A., Timokhin E.V. and Chaika A.A. An Electrothermal Analogy between the Problems of Thermo- and Electrocapillary Drifts of Liquid Drops

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Abstract Oblakov K.I. and Oblakova T.A. Special Embeddings of Some Disconnected Graphs into Euclidean Space

Abstract Plenkin A.V. Multiscale Analysis of Gas Dynamic Fields

Abstract Kiiko I.A. and Kudryavtsev B.Yu. Flutter of a Rectangular Panel as a Part of a Thin Wedge Surface

Abstract Mikhail Konstantinovich Potapov (to 80th anniversary)