Abstract D'yachenko D.M. Two-Side Estimates for Sums of Absolute Values of Fourier Coefficients of Functions from Hω(Tm) with the Use of Partial Moduli of Smoothness

Abstract Bakhvalov A.N. Fourier Coefficients of Functions from Many-Dimensional Classes of Bounded Λ-Variation

Abstract Red'kin N.P. Complexity of Realization of Boolean Functions with Small Number of Unit Values by Selfcorrecting Contact Circuits

Abstract Kochergin A.V. Depth of Functions of the k -Valued Logic in Infinite Bases

Abstract Vorontsov A.S. Kronecker Indices of Lie Algebras and Invariants Degrees Estimate

Abstract Derkach M.M. and Ten A.S. Maximal Commutative Subalgebras of Functions on Spaces Dual to Lie Algebras

Abstract Akulov Ya.V. Completeness of Systems of Functions for Classes of Extended Superposition


Abstract Lapin V.N. Stability of the Couette Flow of Ideal Rigid-Plastic Bodies

Abstract Sharafutdinov G.Z. Uniaxial Tension of a Plate with a Circular Hole at Finite Strain

Abstract Panev A.A., Vavilova N.B. The Navigation Problem for a Pipeline Inspection System

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Abstract Buryak A.Yu. First Non-Zero Terms for the Taylor Expansion at 1 of the Conway Potential Function

Abstract Mukhatov R.B. Semisimple Finite-Dimensional Hopf Algebras

Abstract Pogudin G.A. Wronskian of Derivations

Abstract Ratseev S.M. The Growth of Varieties Generated by Upper-Triangular Matrices Algebras

Abstract Sheshenin S.V., Savenkova M.I. Calculation of the Effective Moduli of Alloys

Abstract Yakushev A.G. A Combined Method for the Programming of Saccadic Eye Movements

Abstract Berezkin B.A. Eshelby Tensor Construction for a Weakly Anisotropic Elastic Medium

Abstract To the centenary of A.A. Il'yushin (20.11.1911-31.05.1998)