Abstract Plyashechnik A.S. Equivalence of Two Definitions of a Chronological Integral

Abstract Polyakov I.V. Example of Divergent Fourier Series over Rearranged Walsh-Paley System

Abstract Goldaeva A.A. Usage of Processes with Continuous Time in the Study of Stochastic Recurrent Sequences

Abstract Martynov M.A. Construction of an Arbitrage Hedging Strategy in a Market with Assets Depending on the same Random Factor

Abstract Bazhenova O.Yu., Chirskii V.G. Algebraic Independence over Qp of Values of Analytic Functions at Points from Cp

Abstract Akchurin E.R. and Minlos R.A. A New Method in the Scattering Theory


Abstract Georgievskii D.V. Growth Estimates of Perturbations in Eigenvalue Problems for the Rayleigh Equation


Abstract Brovko G.L. Models and Problems for Saturated Porous Media

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Abstract Styrt O.G. Space of Orbits of a Three-Dimensional Simple Compact Linear Lie Group

Abstract Panin D.Yu. Generation of Unary Monotone Functions of Multi-Valued Logic

Abstract Boyarinov R.N. Distribution of Large Values of the Argument of the Riemann Zeta Function on Short Intervals

Abstract Kiiko I.A., Lunev A.V. Flutter of a Viscoelastic Strip

Abstract Aleksandrov V.V., Cheremisin V.V. Optimal Synthesis in the Problem of Uniaxial Stabilization for a Satellite in the Case of Phase Constraints

Abstract Gorbachev V.I., Moskalenko O.B. Stability of Bars with Variable Rigidity


Abstract Erlikh I.G. Two Step Estimators of the Minimum Distance Type for Parameters of the ARMA(1,1) Model

Abstract Index of papers and matherials published in the Journal "Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Ser. 1, Matematika. Mekhanika" during 2010 year