Abstract Fomenko T.N. Cascade Search: Stability of Reachable Limit Points

Abstract Kambarbaeva G.S. Some Explicit Formulas for Calculation of Conditional Mathematical Expectations of Random Variables and their Applications

Abstract Puninskii E.G. Group Elements of Some Semisimple Finite-Dimensional Hopf Algebras

Abstract Gorskaya E.S. Approximation of Convex Functions by Projections of Polyhedra

Abstract Fedorishchev B.G. Waring's Problem for Special Kind Polynomials

Abstract Shnurnikov I.N. Into How Many Regions Do n Lines Divide the Plane If at Most n-k of Them Are Concurrent?


Abstract Gendugov V.M. A Generalized Zel'dovich-Neumann-Döring Model of Steady Gaseous Detonation

Abstract Arizpe Carreon P.A. Determining the Temperature on the Sides of a Microsatellite

Abstract Nikabadze M.U. Compatibility Conditions in the Linear Micropolar Theory

Abstract Aleksyuk A.I., Shkadova V.P., Shkadov V.Ya. Hydrodynamic Instability of Separated Viscous Flow around a Circular Cylinder

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Abstract Lipatov M.E. Recurrence of Matrix Cocycles

Abstract Kukhta V.A. Mean Absolute Value of the Riemann Zeta-Function in a Critical Stripe

Abstract Stepanenko I.I. Identification of Elastic Properties for Two-Layer Composites


Abstract Grachev D.A. Tensor Approach to Averaging Jacobi Fields along Geodesics with Random Curvature