Abstract Aidagulov R.R., Shamolin M.V. Integration Formulas of Tenth Order and Higher

Abstract Polyakov I.V. (C,1 )-Summation of Fourier Series over Rearranged Vilenkin System

Abstract Zagrebaev I.V. Mixed Problem for Boltzmann-Peierls Kinetic Equation

Abstract Bogachev K.Yu., Mikhaleva M.Yu., Gorelov I.G. Algebraic Multilevel Method AMG Comparison with the Method BICGSTAB + ILU and its Use in the Method CPR

Abstract Irkhina N.A. Maximization of Sensitivity of the PH-Premium for Families of Pareto Distributed Risks

Abstract Arushanyan O.B., Volchenskova N.I., Zaletkin S.F. Application of Orthogonal Expansions for Approximate Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations

Abstract Preobrazhenskii S.N. Recovering Fourier Coefficients of Some Functions and Factorization of Integer Numbers


Abstract Yakimov Yu.L., Yakimov A.Yu. Forced Waves on Shallow Water

Abstract Kovalev V.L., Krupnov A.A., Pogosbekyan M.Yu., Sukhanov L.P. Simulation of Oxygen Atom Adsorption on an Al2O3 Surface by the Density Functional Method


Abstract Yumashev M.V., Yumasheva M.A., Krasnova P.A. Heating Process Simulation for a Body Subjected to an Intensive Thermal Effect on Its Surface

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Abstract Popelenskaya N.V. Dependence of the Height of Disappearance for Small Meteoric Bodies on Their Parameters

Abstract Gritsevich M.I. On a Formulation of Meteor Physics Problems


Abstract Shavgulidze N.E. Radicals of l-Rings and Special Classes of l -Modules

Abstract Research seminar on gas and wave dynamics