Abstract Politov A.V. Orthorecursive Expansions in Hilbert Spaces

Abstract Ivanov A.O. and Tuzhilin A.A. Generalized Maxwell Formula for the Length of a Minimal Tree With a Given Topology

Abstract Red'kin N.P. Proof of Lower Estimates for the Complexity of Self-Correcting Circuits by the Method of Basis Changing

Abstract Mishchenko S.P. and Shishkina T.V. The Leibniz Algebras of Almost Polynomial Growth with the Identity x(y(zt )) ≡ 0


Abstract Natyaganov V.L. Lomonosov and riddles of nature electricity. Part 3. Electromagnetic nature of light precursors of earthquakes

Abstract Sheshenin S.V., Demidovich P.N., Chistyakov P.V., Bakhmet'ev S.G. Constitutive Relations for a Rubber Cord under Three-Dimensional Stress States

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Abstract Nalivaiko P.V. Cycle Contraction in Oriented Graphs

Abstract Muravleva L.V., Muravleva E.A. Numerical Simulation of Initiation and Cessation of Flow between Coaxial Cylinders in the Case of a Viscoplastic Bingham-Il'yushin Medium

Abstract Grinevich P.P. An Iterative Solution Method for the Stokes Problem with Variable Viscosity

Abstract Trushin D.V. General Differential Galois Theory

Abstract Gorbachev A.N. Invariant Measures for Non-Contracting Multi-Valued Mappings of the Circle

Abstract Devet'yarov D.A. Estimation of the Computational Cost and Analysis of Application of Fuzzy Descriptors in QSAR Problems

Abstract Kharlamov A.A. Simulation of Transverse Self-Oscillations for a Free Circular Cylinder Mounted with a Narrow Gap in a Plane Channel

Abstract Boyarinov R.N. Sign Change of the Function S(t) on Short Intervals

Abstract Khalyavin A.V. Estimates of the Capacity of Orthogonal Arrays of Large Strength

Abstract Khodos O.A. Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow in a Fractured Porous Medium