Abstract D'yachenko A.M. Properties of Cesàro Means of Double Fourier Series

Abstract Shnurnikov I.N. The Cardinality of the Separated Vertex Set of a Multidimensional Cube


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Abstract Olekhova L.V. Effective Properties of a Composite Beam Subjected to Torsion

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Abstract Yukhimenko A.A. Bases of Exponents in Weighted Spaces Lp(-π, π )

Abstract Tsygankov V.I. Equations of G -minimal Conic Bundles with Degree 4

Abstract Shavgulidze N.E. Special Classes of l -rings and Anderson-Divinsky-Sulinski Lemma

Abstract Yarovaya E.B. The Monotonicity of the Probability of Return into the Source in Models of Branching Random Walks

Abstract Zaitseva A.N. The Number of Solutions to Some Systems of Equations

Abstract Fedorov G.V. Estimation of the Sum of Values of the Divisor Function

Abstract Dagaev D.A. The Complexity of Pseudo-Linear Functions

Abstract Morales M.K. Bordisms of Manifolds with Proper Action of a Discrete Group

Abstract Aleksandrov V.M. and Salamatova V.Yu. Axisymmetric Contact Problem for an Elastic Half-Space and a Circular Cover Plate

Abstract Ulukhanyan A.R. Representation of Solutions to Equations of Hyperbolic Type

Abstract Aleksandrov V.V., Aleksandrova O.V., Fraquela Cuesta L. Absolute Stability of an Optimally Stabilizable System