Abstract S. L. Donskikh. Multiple Fourier series for functions from a Zygmund class

Abstract V. O. Tonkov. Estimation of Dirichlet kernel difference in the norm of L

Abstract T. A. Zhereb’eva. Connection between sets of uniqueness for multiplicative systems of functions and sets of uniqueness for multiplicative transforms

Abstract S. P. Mishchenko. Varieties of linear algebras with colength one

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Abstract A. V. Mikhalev, I. A. Pinchuk. Universal central extensions of Lie conformal algebras, Part 2: Supercase

Abstract A. Yu. Rumyantsev. Construction of sequences of zeros and ones with complex finite sequences

Abstract K. Yu. Bogachev, Ya. V. Zhabitskii. Kaporin–Kon’shin’s method of parallel implementation of block preconditioners for asymmetric matrices in problems of filtration of a multicomponent mixture in a porous medium


Abstract A. V. Karapetyan. Stability of steady motions for systems with general and particular first integrals

Abstract G. L. Brovko, S. A. Kuzichev. Stability of forced torsional vibrations of an equipped rod

Abstract K. A. Lopukhin, S. V. Sheshenin. Multigrid method application to solve the tire rolling problem

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Abstract O. V. Gerasimova, Yu. P. Razmyslov. The Hamilton nil-glamour of an affine algebraic plane

Abstract V. N. Pribylov. Charge formation in a dielectric liquid in the case of a weak electrolyte

Abstract V. A. Goncharuk, Yu. A. Kukharenko. Averaging the equations of small oscillations in a prestressed randomly inhomogeneous medium

Abstract A. V. Kozlov, N. A. Parusnikov. Off-line determination of relative orientation between the instrument frames of two strapdown inertial navigation systems during motion