Abstract V. S. Monakhov, O. A. Shpyrko. The nilpotent \pi-length of maximum subgroups in finite \pi-soluble groups

Abstract T. A. Soldatova. Generalized double layer potentials

Abstract O. B. Arushanyan, S. F. Zaletkin. Application of Markov’s quadrature in orthogonal expansions

Abstract I. O. Kachkovskii. Algebraicity of the radical in local rings

Abstract O. D. Frolkina. Cantor set and interpolation


Abstract V. R. Tagirova. Hydraulic fracture crack propagation driven by a non-Newtonian fluid

Abstract D. L. Bykov, S. N. Golikov. Plane nonaxisymmetric deformation of a viscoelastic cylinder with consideration of its physical and geometric nonlinearity

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Abstract A. N. Bakhvalov. Waterman classes and piecewise monotone approximations

Abstract I. G. Gorelov. Parallel CPR preconditioner for a multicomponent fluid flow filtration problem in a porous medium

Abstract N. S. Mel’nichenko. Adaptive approximation of a filtration problem for a viscous compressible fluid in a fissured porous medium

Abstract V. I. Gorbachev. Integral formulas in symmetric and asymmetric elasticity

Abstract A. A. Luzhin. Archery simulation: Error estimation and comparison of numerical and experimental results

Abstract Index of papers and matherials published in the Journal "Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Ser. 1, Matematika. Mekhanika" during 2009 year