Abstract A. V. Shokurov. Optimal use of components of a dyadic wavelet representation

Abstract A. V. Slovesnov. Möbius strips with flat metrics

Abstract D. A. Silaev. Twice continuously differentiable semilocal smoothing spline

Abstract K. Yu. Bogachev, Ya. V. Zhabitskii. Block ILU-preconditioners for problems of filtration of a multicomponent mixture in a porous medium

Abstract A. B. Ugol’nikov. Equivalent transformations of formulas in P_2


Abstract P. A. Kruchinin, A. Yu. Mishanov, O. E. Kudryashov. A data recovery algorithm for a video analysis of human movements on the basis of force plate measurements

Abstract S. E. Omarov. A method of determining the material functions in the linear moment theory of elasticity

Abstract B. E. Pobedrya, A. B. Anisimov. New constitutive relations in the nonlinear theory of viscoelasticity

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Abstract M. I. Lasheva. Algebraic operations on graphs preserving the degree sequence

Abstract I. V. Fedorova, E. W. Chizhonkov. Numerical solution of some unstable problem

Abstract O. V. Markova. Characterization of commutative matrix subalgebras of maximal length over an arbitrary field

Abstract V. M. Krasnov. Complexity of self-correcting circuits for some sequence of Boolean functions

Abstract N. V. Karapetyan. Dividend optimization under the gamma-distribution of claims

Abstract D. A. Yartseva. Upper and lower bounds for dividends in the discrete model

Abstract S. V. Milyutin. An algorithm for simulation of flows of a generalized Newtonian fluid

Abstract L. V. Butorina, E. I. Kugushev. Structural equivalence of mathematical billiards

Abstract S. V. Guvernyuk, A. F. Zubkov, K. M. Pichkhadze, V. S. Finchenko, A. I. Shvets. Supersonic flow around a body of small elongation

Abstract L. A. Klimina. Rotational modes of motion for an aerodynamic pendulum with a vertical rotation axis

Abstract N. E. Leont’ev. Contamination of a porous bed by a moving front with a finite porosity jump