Abstract S. B. Gashkov, I. S. Sergeev. The complexity and depth of Boolean circuits for multiplication and inversion in some fields GF(2^n)

Abstract V. V. Kochergin. Relation between two measures of the computation complexity for systems of monomials

Abstract E. A. Kudryavtseva. Uniform Morse lemma and isotopy criterion for Morse functions on surfaces

Abstract T. P. Lukashenko, S. M. Lytkin. Expansion over a system of shifts of pyramidal functions

Abstract Yu. V. Nesterenko. An elementary proof of the irrationality of \zeta(3)

Abstract A. M. Sedletskii. Localization of small zeros of sine and cosine Fourier transforms of a finite positive nondecreasing function


Abstract E. I. Kugushev, D. I. Sabitov. On flat thin elastic rods with rapidly varying periodic characteristics

Abstract V. R. Tagirova. A solution to the hydraulic fracture problem in the traveling wave form

Abstract I. A. Kiiko, M. A. Nadzhafov. To a formulation of the flutter problem for a conical shell with a small apex angle

Abstract G. L. Brovko, Z. G. Tunguskova. Using continuous models in the analysis of vibrational spectra for carbon nanotubes

Abstract O. V. Demidov. Estimation of instrumental errors for an inertial navigation system using the Schuler period

Abstract E. S. Lobashov. Quality testing algorithms for the manual reentry guidance of the Soyuz-TMA spacecraft using a dynamic bench

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