Abstract E. N. Shirikov. Irreducible modules over a Jordan plane over a field of characteristic zero

Abstract N. M. Pan'kina. Fragments of Euler’s correspondence on problems of vessel stability

Abstract T. A. Zhereb'eva. A class of sets of uniqueness for multiple Walsh series

Abstract K. I. Oblakov. Non-existence of distinct codirected locally minimal trees on a plane






Abstract A. B. Kiselev, V. A. Yarunichev. A study on the fragmentation of space debris particles at high-speed collision

Abstract A. V. Zvyagin, M. N. Smirnova. Motion of a slender body near the free surface of a compressible fluid

Abstract V. L. Kovalev, M. Yu. Pogosbekyan. Analysis of catalytic properties of siliconized heat-shielding coatings

Abstract A. A. Sinyavin. Experimental studies of subsonic flow around a tandem of permeable and solid disks

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Abstract M. D. Surnachev. Asymptotic behavior at infinity for solutions of Emden–Fowler type equations

Abstract E. A. Ulanskii. Linear independence of values of Lerch functions

Abstract Yu. V. Savateev. Recognition of derivability for the Lambek calculus with one division

Abstract S. L. Kuznetsov. Lambek calculus with one division and one primitive type permitting empty antecedents

Abstract V. N. Sorokin. Joint approximations of the square root, logarithm, and arcsine functions

Abstract F. A. Ustinov. A problem of the fastest detection of regime changing for Levy processes

Abstract D. V. Truschin. Depth of \alpha-completions of systems of Boolean functions

Abstract I. F. Avdeev, L. G. Arkhipova. A new estimate of the Montgomery constant in the theory of zeros distribution of the Riemann zeta-function in the critical stripe

Abstract Kh. M. Saliba, V. N. Chubarikov. A generalization of the Gauss sum